2 Tips on how to scale your product by ignoring your users’ feedback:

To follow this route, make sure that:

  • You have a clear definition of a loyal user
  • Your segmentation for the loyal and unloyal user is accurate
  • Loyal users’ understanding of the product’s core value is exactly the same as yours. If not — one of the variables (either loyalty criteria or product’s value) is defined improperly
  • You act on feedback from active users only: your goal to scale the experience that brings retention
  • You should have a clear definition of an active user. If you do not have one, pay attention to those users who’ve established a habit to come to your product over time
  • Never give any incentives. Your goal is to get actionable feedback, not a list of compliments, even if they come from smart people




PMM @Setapp. Co-founder @Growth Marketing Stage. Speaker. Mentor.

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Yaroslav Stepanenko

Yaroslav Stepanenko

PMM @Setapp. Co-founder @Growth Marketing Stage. Speaker. Mentor.

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